Sasha Von

First Impressions

Sasha Von is a pretty blonde and I like the way her tour is designed. The color choices are smart and the graphical work is good so everything flows easily and can be properly appreciated. The young model is also really hot and I know it´s going to be great fun watching her clothes hit the floor and her nipples get hard. Her pussy will get wet and all that good stuff. It looks like she´s going to use dildos to pleasure her pussy and that should be exciting stuff. I like that she´s smiling sweetly a lot of the time too.

Hot Promises

The promises get started right at the top of the tour when she tells you there are hundreds of kinky high definition videos inside and thousands of high resolution photos. Then she goes on to highlight some of the things you´ll see inside: fucking her ass with a dildo, sunbathing nude, doing stripteases and showing off her playful ass. She has C cup tits and a tight ass and there´s some naughty talk on the tour but it looks like the entire site is solo. She does mention getting her ass stuffed twice though so I would expect some action with a dildo.


The tour for Sasha Von was brilliant. The design looked great and there were fantastic pictures everywhere. The member´s area is a big disappointed comparatively. The design is bland with black and gray being the primary colors used. The site is part of a network of solo babe destinations and they used the same stupid look for all of them. The real disappointment though is the utter lack of content. She´s only produced 13 scenes so far and at an update rate of once every two weeks the site´s not going to grow to an acceptable size in the next two years. Each scene comes with a picture gallery and a downloadable video. On the main page they have a preview picture and a little bit of information on the scene available. Click the picture and you´re taken right to the video download page. The one thing that´s missing is a description though. Why not write a little something to tell me what Sasha actually does during the scene. You can always go to the picture gallery to get some idea of what´s happening but that shouldn´t be necessary. They´re just being lazy, although I get a feeling that´s common here. The videos are indeed available in high definition, as promised. They look beautiful while they can take a long time to download it´s usually worth it. Speeds were all over the place when I was bringing files down. They would bounce from 200kb/sec to 1000kb/sec, thereby slowing down the process. You can download the clips in WMV, MPEG or FLV and you can stream all three versions if you´d like. They´re available only as full length clips but since most scenes are less than 15 minutes long I didn´t see that as a problem. The picture galleries are displayed in the typical thumbnailed setup with 20 shots per page. You click the picture and the full length version at 1500px opens up. Most of the images are terrific, although bad lighting pops up in a few and leaves them looking a lot darker than they should. Most galleries have 80-150 shots and you´re free to download a zip file with the high resolution images in it and ready to be enjoyed on your home computer. Sasha Von really hasn´t produced much content so it´s hard to get a feel for what she likes to do on camera. I can tell you that she doesn´t really do the super cute teen thing. She´s not really a cute chick. Because of her lusty eyes and her plump lips she´s more of a seductress and she leans on that. She dresses in slutty and revealing outfits and more often than not she´s eager to get naked and let you see the sweet tits and ass that wait for you behind them. The movies are unquestionably the best part of her site because she has a way of moving that will send you into overdrive. She´s one of those girls with an innate ability to understand sexuality and to put that understanding to her use. She shimmies and shakes and moves her ass and she will totally blow your mind. She´ll do that during the striptease phase of the set and most of the time she takes to pleasuring her pussy in some way. If she´s just using her fingers then she rubs them over her clit and puts them between the lips to make the flesh inside feel so good. She spreads so you can see the pink inside and so you can dream of putting your cock in there. She also has a great many dildos that she will use to fuck her hole and when she gets going with some good dildo fucking she´s not likely to stop. As she promised Sasha Von is into fucking her asshole and she will take a dildo to that naughty area plenty. She loves giving it a good fucking. My favorite set features her posing in a green bikini top and denim shorts. She´s doing a dance to strip from it and she is quite the entertainer. She looks amazing and she moves sensually and once nude she brings out a pink vibrator that´s clearly meant to fuck her ass. It´s thick at the head to give her pleasure passing the anal ring and then it gets thin so it will stay in the asshole like a plug. She pushes it in and you can hear her moaning and see is passing that anus. That must feel so good! There are five bonus sites that come with a membership to Sasha Von and as I mentioned they all feature the same underwhelming design. There´s a teen lesbian site where the ladies use strapons, handheld dildos and their tongues for pleasure. There´s a teen hardcore sex site where the babysitter gets fucked. There´s another teen lesbian site, a teen masturbation site and another teen solo babe site. None of the sites are great but together they form a considerable collection of sexy and youthful pornography.

Croco’s Opinion

Sasha Von is a hot blonde chick with a little collection of content in her member´s area. Those 13 scenes are hot but there aren´t many of them and that remains the biggest stumbling block here. She´s updating once every two weeks so you won´t see much content. Still, she does some very good work in those scenes. There´s a picture gallery and a video for each and she poses in hot outfits, strips and dances, masturbates and uses dildos to fuck her pussy and her asshole. Those are all entertaining things for a girl to do and this one is good at entertaining and arousing men. There are five bonus sites that come with your membership and they give your membership a great deal more value.


Making your way around the site is easy but they need descriptions for the videos or more screenshots.

Pricing Policy

It´s $24.95 every 30 days, $49.95 for 90 days or $95.40 for a full year membership.

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